Adobe Reader Alternatives

Adobe Acrobat Reader Competitors

What kind of competition does Adobe have for similar products? Over the years, Adobe has changed the names of its products, how the products were packages and other minor details but one main thing has always rung true- Adobe knows PDF.
While Adobe was the first of its kind, it was certainly not the last. Many other products have cropped up over the years which aim to do the same thing as Adobe Reader (formerly Adobe Acrobat). Adobe offer no-charge software to read and print PDF files. This is a free feature that almost every computer owner will want to have.
While other brands exist, more people associate Adobe with PDF reading software than any other product. For its brand name alone, Adobe stands high above the competition.
What kind of competition are we talking about here? Some samples of similar software include:

  • AnyView from Binar Graphics
  • Common Ground from No Hands Software
  • Envoy from WordPerfect Corporation
  • Folio from NextPage
  • Microsoft Reader from Microsoft
  • Replica from Farallon Computing
  • WorldView from Interleaf

What does Adobe have that these competitors do not? Well, it’s name for one. People will always associate the Adobe name with PDF documents. There are other reasons why Adobe wins out over the competition. It seems they are always a step ahead of everyone else in the game.
While some of the competitors are competent in their own regards, Adobe is just better all around. Replica is nice and contains many great features like Adobe but it creates larger files that take up more space. WorldView is nice if you are computer savvy but it can be very difficult to figure out and the average user would be frustrated or completely lost. Adobe has a literal point-and-click usability that can’t be matched.
Envoy and Common Ground are also nice but the company that always seems on the cutting edge of technology is Adobe so it’s clear to see why so many people choose them instead.

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