Adobe Reader Reviews

Adobe Acrobat Reader Review

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that allows you to view, share and work with PDF documents with ease. You can transfer your documents from one media to the other without losing important formatting or the document becoming completely garbled. You can carry documents and data from one platform to another with ease.

Adobe was not only the first PDF reader software but has remained at the top of the list since creation. While there have been many competitors, they just don’t quite live up to the standard that Adobe has created.

The Good

  • Features- Adobe has more features than most of the competition. You can do much more with their software than simply view files.
  • Ease of use- There is no program out there in this department that is easier to use than Adobe. It has its own built-in tutorial system to walk you through from beginners to advanced extra features. Anyone can use it – no matter what your level of computer experience.
  • Free- You can’t beat the fact that this amazing software program is totally free!
  • Space- When Adobe saves the files it does so in smaller files that the competitors so it takes up less storage space for you.
  • Search- Adobe features sophisticated search facilities and other advanced features that you just don’t find in competitors products.

The Bad

The only real complaint with Adobe is that in their journey to always be the best, they update their products quite frequently and in doing so, they often change their names. This leads to some confusion about which product a person is getting and exactly what it does. Adobe Reader, however, is always free and allows you to view and print PDFs.


Overall, we have to say that Adobe is in a class of it’s own with its PDF reader software. Corel, Aldus, and other software publishers have or will be incorporating Acrobat into their product which is a good sign that it will be around for a while. With other major companies investing in Adobe, it is another sign of their great products.

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