Long Term Forex Trading Outlook Bright for UK and US Companies

forex trading graphForex Trading Outlook Bright for UK and US Companies

It has been confirmed that the US economy has started to prosper with the release of another set of figures released by Washington yesterday which show a 4.2% growth for the American economy from April to June this year which was much higher than speculators had been expecting, more so with the very poor set of figures released earlier this year covering the first quarter of the year.

An earlier estimate of growth of 4% was beaten by this official figure of 4.2% which marked a sharp increase on a 2.1% decrease in economical output for the first quarter, and that increase was 1% higher than was expected by most traders.

This is a clear indication that after many years of economic downturn things are finally turning around for the USA and puts this country on course for a very promising outlook for the second half of the year, and this is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Forex traders as mentioned in this website who have started to trade in quite high volumes on lots of US facing company’s shares as part of their daily trading ritual.

Over in the UK a set of figures released by the CBI indicted quite clearly that retail sales within Great Britain grew quite noticeably in the six months to August of this year and retailers are expecting the next three months of trading figures to be much higher than at any time in the last 12 years.

The mix of good and bad weather experienced by UK residents and citizens has not keep them away from the high street and this has been confirmed by a report by Lloyds which indicates that business confidence in the UK is at an all time high.

The Euro Zone however is not looking a good bet for Forex traders looking to see a marked increase in the share value of the trades they place as the economic outlook for the next few months is looking quite bad more so with the current state of affairs in Ukraine having a negative effect on confidence throughout the entire Euro Zone.

In fact one of the strongest countries in the Euro Zone, that being Germany have announced the unemployment has increased, not by a large amount but by 1000 this month which now means that 2.9 million people in Germany a are now jobless, and any increase in the jobless figures irrespective of the country will be seen as a bad thing.

If you are planning on placing any Forex trades in the coming days or week then do keep the above sets of figures in the back of your mind, and do consider placing trades on US and UK companies in particular as those figures above do quite clearly indicate that it will be those companies share values that are more likely to show an increase in value in the coming weeks and months that the values of Euro Zone companies.

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